Juan Grecos


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Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia

Juan Grecos is the president of Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia and has served in that position since 2004. The organization is dedicated to showcasing the Spanish classical guitar and more recently flamenco guitar and other related instruments of Spain by presenting concerts at a number of venues and events. Since its establishment in 1950, the AGV has provided over 600 concerts. Juan is the Founder and Managing Director of the RC Strings company and a veteran of the wholesale music industry as well as professional flamenco guitarist and author. His dedication to expanding interest in music and bringing like-minded people together to strengthen the industry has resulted in his involvement in many organizations including Comúsica, INTERMUSIC (International Music Fair of Valencia), CAFIM (for which he served as president for many years), as well as the NAMM International Coalition.