Justin Andrews


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Interview Date
Job Title
Director of Special Projects and Outreach
Company Name
Otis Redding Foundation

Justin Andrews, carrying the legacy of his legendary grandfather Otis Redding, holds the esteemed position of Director of Special Projects and Outreach at the Otis Redding Foundation. Focusing on event coordination and student engagement, Justin's dedication shines through his creative endeavors, such as curating Otis Redding branded merchandise to fund educational initiatives. His active involvement extends beyond the Foundation, where he presides over the Macon Film Festival’s Board of Directors and supports various community organizations. Justin's commitment to youth echoes the passion of his grandfather, who believed in empowering future generations through education. Otis Redding's philanthropic spirit lives on through the foundation established in his honor by Mrs. Zelma Redding (Justin’s grandmother), nurturing young talent and fostering opportunities in music and beyond. Justin embodies this legacy, channeling his love for music into tangible benefits for the community, just as his grandfather did decades ago.