Keith Beckingham


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Former Vice President of Export Sales
Company Name
Hammond Organ Company

Keith Beckingham recalls watching his father, a church organist, playing the piano at home and then sitting down and copying the music he heard. He grew up fascinated by the piano and organ and played throughout his school years. A job at Boosey and Hawkes, London as a Hammond Organ demonstrator was his introduction to the music industry. Keith worked long and hard to help develop the market for Hammond in the UK including introducing the Hammond Piper. Ultimately he was invited to join the staff of Hammond Organ Company, Chicago, first as head of European Marketing after which he was promoted to Vice President of Export Sales. In this capacity, he travelled the world promoting Hammond products. After leaving Hammond, Keith continued to work in the industry selling pianos.  Music and selling are in his blood! Stop by to see him. If you are lucky you might talk him into telling you about the features of the Hammond Organ!