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Crossley Digital Sound Design

Kevin Crossley studied as a classical pianist and technician before he started working for SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals) in 1974. While he was based in Los Angeles, he traveled often to work in San Francisco and New York City. The company always had a need for a tuner to ensure their Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinets, and Wurlitzers arrived in the studios properly tuned and ready for the session. In many cases, he also tuned the studio or grand pianos that were supplied to venues by SIR. After a brief stint with Bill Tsumpes at the Chicago branch, Kevin returned to L.A. and with the help of Dolph Rempp and Ken Berry (SIR’s founders), Kevin launched Studio Keyboard Rentals. The company was formed out of a GMC motorhome which Kevin also lived in for a couple of years starting in 1978. Outfitted with half a dozen of the latest Rhodes pianos, synthesizers, and amplifiers, he was busy 24/7 until setting up with Fairlight at The Village Recorder with Jeff Harris and Geordie Hormel in 1980.