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C.A. Götz jr. Company

Klaus Götz’ family comes from Wernitzgrün, a small town not far from Markneukirchen. His grandfather, Conrad August Götz, founded C.A. Götz in 1884 which initially produced tuning pegs and strings. In 1958, Klaus Götz, together with his brother Karlheinz, traveled to the United States to personally market their string instruments. Klaus forged long lasting relationships to his customers and exhibited at the NAMM Show in Chicago as early as 1958. On their second trip to the Untied States, the brothers imported two VW bugs and drove across the States while Karlheinz took the Northern route, Klaus visited the clientele to market their products in the Southern States traveling all the way to the West Coast. Regular exhibitors at the NAMM Show, Klaus has fond memories of his time spent in the United States. Today the company is run by his son, Simon Götz, who is the 4th generation and now offers products to include stringed instruments, bows, accessories and tools for luthiers.