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Joe Noto's Music Land

Larry Noto’s father, Joe, opened Music Land in 1971. Back then Joe wanted to create a store that would provide instruments and repairs to both the gigging musician and students. Larry grew up in the store and has memories of playing in the empty boxes as a child, but he didn’t work in the store until much later. In fact, after graduation he worked for the aquarium in Baltimore with a focus on the tourism industry. When Joe passed away in 2015, Larry and his mother realized too many people, employees and customers depended on the store so they wanted to work together to keep the store open. Larry moved back to Maryland to not only learn the business but to implement much needed systems such as computers (before that everything was locked away in Joe’s head). Larry and his mom renovated the store and expanded the inventory to serve even more customers than ever before. These improvements and others caught the attention of the music products industry, which in 2016 voted Music Land the Best Store Turnaround!