Lew Shaw


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Author, Music Historian

Lew Shaw grew up admiring musicians he heard on the radio or saw in concert and wanted to do all he could to promote their music and tell their stories. He was a journalist and advertising manager by day and an avid music lover by night. He has interviewed over a hundred musicians and even wrote two books that include many of their stories (Jazz Beat and Jazz Beat Encore) as well as regular columns in several magazines dedicated to traditional jazz. Among those he has interviewed; Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Les Swanson (who at the time was one of only two surviving bandmates of jazz pioneer Bix Beiderbecke). Lew has also interviewed several people included in the NAMM Oral History Program including Bucky Pizzarelli and Flip Oakes. Lew has always been proud to play a role in promoting musicians, young and old, and doing his part in serving as an advocate for music!