Lloyd Turner


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Sales Rep.
Company Name
G. Leblanc Corporation

Lloyd Turner happily landed his first teaching job right out of college as band director for Madison Central High School in Jackson, Mississippi in 1966. The job cemented in Lloyd’s mind the thought that this was the career for him. He taught for over 20 years with stints working in local music stores during summer vacation. In 1968, he worked at Mississippi Music in Meridian for a year before being asked by G. Leblanc to serve as their sales rep. He traveled for Leblanc for several years covering southern Mississippi, most of Louisiana and everything south of Waco, Texas. There was a lot of driving involved, but Lloyd thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with local band directors and provide them the instruments they needed. After 12 years with G. LeBlanc, Lloyd worked for Getzen for three years before returning to Jackson.