Loren Zimmerman


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Byerly Music

Loren Zimmerman owned Byerly Music in Peoria, Illinois during the 1970s and 80s and is credited for being among the first music retailers to have locations in shopping malls.  When he purchased the company from his father-in-law, Eldred Byerly (who served as President of the NAMM Board from 1963-1965), Loren expanded the business to ten locations at its peak. Under Loren's ownership, the company also gained a reputation as the launching pad for many employees breaking into the industry, including Craig Schertz (who would purchase the company from Loren in the 1980s), Dave Slan, Gerry Malzone and Craig Smith, among others.  After retiring from the music industry, Loren stayed in Peoria and bought an insurance agency to keep active.