Mark Needham


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Interview Date
Job Title
CEO, Recording Engineer
Company Name
MAN Entertainment

Mark Needham, recording engineer and producer, is renowned for his professional and creative approach to music production. Whether serving as a mix engineer, music producer or recording engineer, Mark's expertise extends beyond the studio. He’s also shared his knowledge as a teacher at the Blue Bear School of Music and contributed to various industry projects, including the creation of the Toontrack "Mark Needham EZmix Pack." He even earned his OUPV Captain's license from the US Coast Guard. With an impressive discography spanning albums, movies, television and commercials, Mark has collaborated with such acclaimed artists as Chris Isaak, Taj Mahal, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers and Dolly Parton. His work on movie soundtracks and television shows like CSI: Miami and Grey's Anatomy further highlights his versatility and talent in the industry.