Mark Sampson


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Matchless Amplifiers

Mark Sampson and his friend, Rick Perrotta, formed Matchless Amplifiers in Mark’s kitchen back in 1989.  Two years later they pulled all of their resources to exhibit at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.  They felt if ever they were going to make this company a success, it was at that moment: the 1991 NAMM Show.  Mark’s background in buying, repairing, and selling vintage gear gave him the insight as to what typically works in the design and function of a guitar amp – and what doesn’t.  He began designing his own amps, which led to such products as the Matchless  HC-30 model as well as the Clubman, Chieftain, Thunderchief and Superchief series of amplifiers.  Mark continues to design and build products based on the needs of players who want something creative and unique.