Marvin Daniels


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Sales Manager
Company Name
Goldman's Pawn Shop

Marvin Daniels was just a kid when he first walked into Goldman's Pawn Shop in Evansville, Indiana, as a young customer. For the Christmas season in 1970, Marvin was hired as extra help and so his journey with the store officially began. Marvin has been with the retail store ever since. As a result, Marvin is the guy to go to if you want to hear stories of the company’s 125-year history. For example, Marvin can list the famous people who have visited the store over the years from members of the Ink Spots, the Coasters and Elvis Presley’s band to Peter Frampton, Weird Al Yankovic and Tom Hanks. Marvin credits his longevity in his position to the appreciation he receives in helping his customers and the family feeling amongst the staff. He might just be behind the counter when you go in to visit!