Matthew McBeth


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Warehouse Manager
Company Name
Cannonball Musical Instruments

Matthew McBeth applied for a job at Cannonball Musical Instruments in Sandy, Utah, right after he graduated from high school in 2011. At first Matthew was given the tasks of mowing the grass and other yardwork. He later helped install the shelving in the warehouse, which led to more and more responsibilities including managing the warehouse and the shipping area. He took careful study of the process of making the instruments, which at Cannonball include saxophones, trumpets, trombones and flutes. Matthew built on what he was taught and advanced the process of packing to ensure each instrument was without a smudge when the customer opens the case. Along the way he was also asked to call customers and manage accounts, a task he thoroughly enjoys. Matthew feels as others do at Cannonball, he is working in a family environment which translates to the relationships he is building with his customers!