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Victory Musical Instruments

Melvin Quinones has a fascinating backstory as to how he established Victory Musical Instruments in Puerto Rico. It all began with his love and passion for making music, which started when he played saxophone in his church at the age of eleven. Within four years Melvin was touring with a church band, which provided him the opportunity to purchase a Yamaha Saxophone. Melvin joined the National Guard for seven years during which time he continued to play and learn all he could about computers and technology. He later worked for Microsoft for 22 years. Always finding time in his busy life to stay connected to music, he developed an early online social gathering place for saxophonists called the Social Sax Network (2008). The connections he made were later the foundation and impetus for forming his own instrument company, with a focus (at first) in the saxophone. In 2017 he launched the first Growling Sax series, which has been distributed by Sweetwater and now is available around the world. While very proud of the products, Melvin keeps looking toward the future and other instruments he can create to help his fellow musician make music!