Michel Doidic


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Chief Tech Officer
Company Name
Line 6

Michel Doidic always enjoyed the technology behind electronic musical instruments. When he was younger he built his own guitar and other equipment before meeting Marcus Ryle while they both worked for Tom Oberheim. They later form a consulting company called Fast Forward Designs. The success of the company gave Michel and Marcus the idea to create their own products and so they created a new company called Line 6 to focus on guitar gear. The many product categories include their innovative POD products (such as the HD500), recording equipment, amplifiers (including the Spider Valve MkII), software (like GearBox), digital wireless, stompbox pedals, and the MIDI mobilizer among others. For Michel, the quest to improve on what their products can do and to offer more innovative gear for their customers is a driving force. He says it is one of the many reasons he enjoys working in the music industry.