Mick Abrahams


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Musician, Songwriter

Mick Abrahams was given his first music lessons by his mother who was a piano teacher. When he transitioned to guitar he formed a band with some schoolmates and began writing songs. When he met Ian Anderson the two had their eyes on forming a band with original songs and so they collaborated on a few songs for the 1968 album This Was, the first studio recording for the now famous British rock band Jethro Tull. Mick and Ian wrote “Beggar’s Farm” together and the album also includes “Move On Alone” which Mick wrote on his own. Soon after leaving the band Mick formed Blodwyn Pig, which released several now classic rock albums such as Ahead Rings Out (1969) and Getting to This (1970). The band reunited some years later to tour and record. They released the album Lies in 1994. Mick was surprised that after all those years the band still had a strong fan base who would often shout out to hear Mick’s tunes such as “Drive Me,” “See My Way” and “It’s Only Love.”