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Mike van der Logt is the manager of possibilities with 4M4YOU, with the four M’s standing for Management, Marketing, Media, and Music. Mike worked in a small music store in his hometown as a teenager, which shaped his passion for musical and audio products. He later served on the Behringer team, selling and marketing the company’s audio equipment worldwide, living on three different continents. Along the way, Mike formed his own company, 4M4YOU. His consulting work led him to a variety of young companies that have product and technology differentials, which could be assisted to become potential market leaders. One such company is Lewitt, founded in 2010. Mike sat down for his NAMM Oral History interview in 2018 and shared his unique views on how the pro audio segment has changed and developed since his career began. In 2021, Mike began consulting for XCHANGE, originally an internet delivery system for musical software, now also providing hardware products. His work with the company is another exciting example of how the audio and musical instruments market continues to change. Mike is proud and happy to be a part of such developments and in managing new possibilities for his clients.