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Cantrell Piano Clinic

Norman Cantrell attended the University of Oklahoma City where he earned his degree in music education. He soon realized his passion was not in teaching but rather in piano repair and tuning. As a teenager, he studied the craft for several years with a local technician, which included installing pipe organs, and after college realized it really was what he loved to do. Norman opened his own shop in 1984 and worked closely with area piano stores, including Sharp & Nickels, tuning their floor models. When a piano was sold, the store would recommend Norman go to the customer's home for the first tuning, which often led to new long-term clients. Norman has also been heavily involved with the Piano Technicians Guild, serving on the board for nine years, the last two as president. His work within his local chapter of the PTG has helped establish it as one of the strongest chapters, with well-attended monthly meetings and increasing membership.