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The Sound Synthesis Club

Oscar Caraballo is a polymath with a background spanning physics, mathematics, computer science, acoustics, sound design and classical music composition. He began his educational journey at the Institute of Phonology of El Sistema in Caracas Venezuela, mastering classical piano and composition. His passion for sound and technology led him to study electroacoustic music, modular synthesis and sound design using the Synclavier II. Oscar honed his craft alongside students of legendary composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Henry and furthered his expertise in computer music and audio production at California State University, Sonoma. As an Acoustic Engineer at Audience in Silicon Valley, he played a pivotal role in creating audio chips used in mobile devices worldwide. Oscar's visionary spirit is embodied in his role as the Founder of the Sound Synthesis Club, a vibrant community uniting scientists, engineers, inventors, composers, performers, sound designers and artists. This organization pushes the boundaries of sound and music at the intersection of science and the arts.