Pat Boone


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Recording Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter

Pat Boone was 88 years old at the time of his NAMM interview and celebrating 70 years in show business, achieving stardom in movies, on TV, and especially in music! Having sold over 45 million records, he has been atop the charts of Top 40, pop, country, and Gospel. Members of Generation X, Y, Z, or Millennials may not be familiar with Pat, but just imagine if, say Taylor Swift, who dominates the music charts today with every release, also had her own weekly television show, made regular appearances on other TV shows, and starred in a major motion picture nearly every year. Then you’d begin to understand just how huge Pat Boone was in the 1950s and 60s. In fact, as an early rock and roll singer in the 50s, he charted 41 times. He shares with us inside stories which chronicle the music business and his own personal journey.