Pete Brown


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Principal Software Engineer
Company Name
Microsoft Inc.

Pete Brown is a Principal Software Engineer in Windows at Microsoft and oversees the company’s MIDI 2.0 implementation. He grew up in Massachusetts and was introduced to synthesizers while in high school. The school had a few keyboards and the music teacher allowed Pete to take the gear home over the summer, which he connected together over MIDI. That locked in his passion and soon he was working at Gordon’s Music where he was exposed to even more electronic instruments, and picked up a Passport MIDI interface for his Commodore 128, starting a life-long love of MIDI and music technology. After being hired by Microsoft as a software engineer, Pete kept engaging with coworkers who felt the company should better enable customers to be successful making music with Microsoft products. Today, Pete is the chair of the MIDI Association Executive Board, an active software developer, and an advocate inside Microsoft for musicians and music technology developers.