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Musician, Founder
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Phil Keaggy Music

Phil Keaggy was born in Youngstown, Ohio in the early 1950s, making his timing perfect to play a roll in the rock bands of the 1960s. As guitarist and songwriter, he was a member of the Squires before forming Glass Harp in 1968. The band consisted of Steve Markulin on bass, John Sferra on drums on Phil on guitar. They recorded a number of albums in the early 1970s including their self-titled release in 1970, Synergy in 1971 and It Makes Me Glad a year later. The band, with a few different players over the years, continued to tour and record on and off for the next 50 years. Their album Live at the Beachland Ballroom was released in 2010. Phil wrote and recorded contemporary Christian music for several decades as well. He is a seven-time recipient of the GMA Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year and in 1973 released his first of many solo instrumental Christian albums, What a Day.