Phil McKinney


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Past President
Company Name
McKinney, Chenoweth and Green

 Phil McKinney and his family have a long history in musical retailing in northern Oklahoma. Louie Chenoweth and Russell Green opened their first music store, Chenoweth & Green Music, in Enid, OK in 1926. Not only did they remain in business with each other for over 50 years, they were also brothers-in-law (they married the former Velma and Nellie Warrick). Over the years, the company bought smaller stores in and around the area such as a store in Bartlesville, which was managed by Mr. Green’s son-in-law, Lewis McKinney. When World War II ended, Mr. McKinney became very successful and bought out the store to rename it the L. A. McKinney Music Company of Bartlesville. In 1973, Lewis’ two sons, Phil and Frank, bought out the original Chenoweth & Green Music store, which allowed their grandfather to retire. The name of the Enid store changed to McKinney, Chenoweth & Green Music until it closed in 1982.