Randal Clark


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Education Specialist
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Cannonball Musical Instruments

Randal Clark is the Media Director and Education Specialist for Cannonball Musical Instruments in Sandy, Utah. He began working at Cannonball in 2000, focusing on addressing the needs of band directors and other music educators by gaining their views on how the instrument line could be improved. Always being involved with music, his father was a choral director and he was and still is a high school band director. Randal expanded his role within Cannonball by taking advantage of developing technology to share their story and promote their instruments. He created a broad range of videos for their website ranging from warmups for the trumpet and how to play split tone on the alto saxophone, to performances with the likes of Gerald Albright and Chris Johnson in a segment called The Cannonball Band. Randal’s passion for the music and the instruments is evident in each project he’s a part of.