Ray Everitt


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Vice President
Company Name
Brook Mays

Ray Everitt recalls quite clearly buffing band instruments as a kid in the family’s store. The store was established in 1901 by a band director named Brook Mays, who played a key role in the expansion of school music programs and marching bands throughout the state of Texas. The store was later purchased by his grandfather, then his own father, Billy Everitt, for whom Ray works very closely. Ray began his career at Brook Mays in 1996 while still in school and working part time in their Austin store. Just a few years later Ray designed the company’s first website. After a career in the insurance business, Ray returned to the store in 2008 when he and his father decided to focus on band instruments and school music programs, which is just what their 11 stores continue to do.