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Rene Flores grew up in a culturally rich family and began playing upright bass in grade school. His parents, both from Cuba, encouraged Rene to follow his musical passion. By the time he was in high school he was playing in six bands, including the stage band for which he played the electric bass. The legendary drummer Joe Porcaro taught Rene while he attended the Bass Institute in Los Angeles in the 1990s. Bringing his passion for music to the industry, Rene began working for Warner Brothers Publishing and developed his niche within the Latin American market. Over the years he worked for Music Sales and Mel Bay covering the Latin American market and experiencing several shifts in technology including the boom and then the decline of DVD sales and the emergence of e-commerce. Always a fan of Hip Hop, Rene has recorded for several artists over the years. He can be heard on Ice Cube’s track “Wicked” on the 1992 album The Predator.