Rick DeJonge


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Director of Artist Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Company Name
KHS America

Rick DeJonge has always had a passion for music education and applied that focus to each place he has worked and for each new project. His mother was a band director for 34 years, which is likely where his passion began. Rick was very active musically at an early age, playing the piano, drums, saxophone, clarinet and composing. As a songwriter, Rick composed works for small and large bands including the Boston Brass and film scores. He even wrote for the television program Lost and a Willie Nelson movie. He worked at Conn-Selmer for five years before working for KHS America in 2006 until 2023, when he felt it was time to return to Conn-Selmer. Along the way, Rick made a tangible impact on the people and products he worked with, looking forward to more music and relationship-building.