Rob Arnold


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General Manager
Company Name
Moore Guitars

Rob Arnold is the general manager for Moore Guitars, a retail store in Evansville, Indiana, which began in 1976 as Moore Music. Rob grew up in a rock and roll household, his father being a guitarist for local bands. Rob’s dad took his young son to see Van Halen in 1984 and that concert changed his life. Rob began taking guitar lessons and by the time he was 15, he had formed a classic rock cover band. While in college he worked for DeWitt Music in Kansas, where he began providing lessons but soon worked on the sales floor and later became the store’s manager. In 1997 he moved over to wholesale working for Bill Kaman at C. Bruno & Sons as an inside sales rep. He enjoyed the experience enough to move to Texas to become an outside sales rep for the firm, staying over 17 years. Moving to Evansville in 2014, Rob befriended Pat Moore, the founder of Moore Music and began working as the store manager. The company expanded when it was sold to Brett Mulzer, creating an online store focusing on guitars.