Robby Robinson


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Musician, Product Artist, Musical Director

Robby Robinson is a distinguished Hammond organist and Musical Director with a deep-rooted connection to the music products industry. With a career spanning decades, Robby's journey has been marked by his exceptional talent and close collaborations with industry giants. Throughout his illustrious career, Robby has had the privilege of working with luminaries such as Tom Jones, Liza Minelli, Buddy Greco, and the Beach Boys, showcasing his versatility and musical prowess. Mentored by legendary figures like Dr. Lonnie Smith, Robby's artistry is imbued with a rich tapestry of influences, evident in his soulful performances and dynamic compositions. Noteworthy highlights of Robby's career include his time playing with Albert King in St. Louis during the 1970s and his enduring collaboration with Frankie Valli, which began in 1978. Robby is both Frankie's musical director and Hammond organist as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Audio innovator Bob Heil sold Robby his first Hammond, a C3 series, back in 1968. Since that early connection, Robby has been appreciative of the contributions made to instrument and gear development and to those who assist with Live Sound production working with both the Clair Brothers and Bob Goldstein at Maryland Sound Industries.