Robert Hobbs


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Job Title
Website Design, IT Management
Company Name
Gruhn Guitars

Robert Hobbs is very proud of his father’s role in music. His father, Revis Hobbs, was a radio engineer for station WSM and later created the r/f switch for radio frequency stability. In 1962, Glenn Snoddy asked Revis to provide the circuit board and box for the Fuzz Tone, an idea Glenn had to create a guitar effect pedal. The two men drove to Gibson and partnered with the guitar maker to supply the Fuzz Tone, which were made until the early 1970s. Robert, always interested in music, earned a degree in accounting and formed a few businesses in the record industry. In 2011, Christie Carter, then with Gruhn Guitars, asked Robert to help her in the accounting department. He later went on and helped George with the store’s website and management of their IT department.