Robert Levin


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Former Vice President
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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Robert Levin was the youngest of Chuck and Marge Levin’s three children, literally growing up in the store.  From his earliest memories,  he can remember observing and learning his father’s many successful traits and techniques that were at the core of building such a successful business. Along with his siblings, he entered adulthood determined to carry on the monumental legacy of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center that his father had built. In addition to exhibiting the tireless work ethic and ubiquitous mantra of customer service learned from his father, Robert , with his older brother Alan, helped grow the business and keep it successful through such endeavors as Washington Professional Systems, which designs, markets, installs and services high-end audio-visual systems for corporate and governmental clients.  Robert was also proud to see the business looking to a third generation of family management with his son Adam learning and becoming part of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center.