Roger Hart


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Vice President Merchandising
Company Name
KMC Music

Roger Hart has developed many friends throughout his career in the music products industry. Those friends will likely tell you the two things Roger enjoys talking about the most are musical gear and fishing! He played guitar in local bands starting in high school and gained prominence touring with a funk band. His first job in the music industry was at Kaman Music (KMC) in the customer service department. Roger rose to purchasing assistant working with vendors and developing the role that is now known as the Merchandising Director. He worked with Chuck Rainey on a bass amp product (GB1200) and when Fender purchased Kaman, Roger became a Vice President. Roger was invited to join the Fishing Musicians group, which was formed by Hyman Peller. When Hyman wanted to retire from the leadership role of organizing this event, he asked Roger to take over, and he proudly accepted. The group continues to meet yearly, which has resulted in many close friendships and a lot of big fish stories!