Roger Williams

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Roger Williams was known throughout the world for his countless albums and top ten hits as a solo pianist. He had a remarkable career in bridging rock and roll and in incorporating jazz and American popular music along with classical into his performances and recordings. Roger may have also been the world's greatest fan of the Steinway piano, having been a player and close friend of the company for over 50 years. “They are part of my family. I mean that, they have always treated me as one of theirs and that is such a wonderful feeling. I have known and respected the people and the products most of my life and I hope always to be blessed with a Steinway to play.”  

Interview Date:
February 15, 2006
Date of Birth:
October 1, 1924
Deceased Date:
October 8, 2011
Job Title:
Musician, Product Endorser
Steinway and Sons