Ron Rowe


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Former President
Company Name
J. W. Pepper Music Publishing

Ron Rowe served as President of JW Pepper following the tennor of his dear friend Dean Burtch.  The two men were not only incredible business partners, they were close personal friends.  Using the same passion and ethics as Dean, Ron helped grow the business during very trying times including a recession, the early threat of the Internet and changing technology.  Both men also have set the tempo for their business and the organizations they both have been active in, most notably the Music Publishers Association (MPA) serving as mentors to many of those they worked with over their careers.  Ron retired in 1999 and a year later was suggested to the NAMM Board to be included in the NAMM Oral History program.  Although it took 16 years, Ron was finally interviewed allowing the collection to now contain interviews from all of those from the original "wish list."