Russ Fontaine


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Piano Technician

Russ Fontaine  played the organ, with a special affinity for the Hammond B3, since he was seven years old. His father was an organist and saw to it that Russ take piano and organ lessons. Russ performed with a number of rock and dance bands for over 30 years all the while having a day job, which began as a music retailer and soon developed into being a piano technician. His retail jobs date back to the 1970s and included work for Lundearly Music as well as Darrell’s Music Hall in Nashua, New Hampshire. In recent years while continuing to perform whenever he could, Russ finds himself driven to play as a piano soloist, which he enjoys very much. And he continues to work part time as a salesperson and piano technician at Darrell's Music Hall, as well as a part time freelance gig as (you guessed it!) a piano technician.