Russell Jewell

Russell Jewell played cornet in the 5th and 6th grade and took singing lessons in junior high school. He also performed in his church and grew up fully aware of the importance of a good sound system for the performers. He began collecting audio gear when he was ten and by the time he was a teenager, Russell was building his own speaker cabinets. During the last year of his service in the US Marines, he formed Jewell Enterprises building cabinets. In 1979 he supplied amp rigs for discos and clubs starting a new business called Audolight. Russell was then given the gig to design and build the cabinets and sound system for Studio 54 in Detroit. He always has worked closely with the performers, bands, and DJs in order to create the system that is best for their specific needs. 

Interview Date:
August 16, 2018
Job Title:
Audiolight Inc.

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