Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald grew up in a musical family, with his father having been a bagpiper.  When Scott’s hands had developed enough to begin lessons on the bagpipes, at age eight, he took to the instrument, which he has been playing ever since. Scott took over and established a bagpipe band in Los Angeles in 1991.  The band competes in the World Bagpipe Championship events in Scotland and has done so for over 20 years.  In 2005, Scott was asked to bring his band to the NAMM Show for a very special event, playing during the annual Tribute program.  Scott felt it was an honor for the band and made special arrangements just for the program.  Since that time, the bagpipers have become a mandatory part of the NAMM Tribute. The performers set the perfect mood to honor those in our industry who have passed away.  Scott has worked with Doyle Dykes and other performers over the years in performing for the Tribute and each year the positive feedback increase making it clear how meaningful Scott’s contributions are to the music industry.

Interview Date:
January 21, 2016
Job Title:
LA Scots Bagpipe Band

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