Seth Strickland


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Vice President/Co-Owner
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Roper Music

Seth Strickland had a wonderful grade school music teacher who was a great inspiration for him. Seth played saxophone throughout high school and in the jazz band. He later performed in a local blues band and whenever he needed a reed or a repair, he always went to Roper Music in Grand Junction, Colorado. While in college and needing a part-time job he stopped by Roper Music and was surprised to learn the owner, John Handley, was offering an apprentice position within the repair shop. He could not get over the fact that he was being paid while being trained on repairing the very instruments he loved to play. That training took place in 2007 and Seth has never left! In fact, along with his partners, Seth now owns the store and proudly continues the tradition of fine instrument repairs taught to him by Mr. Handley.