Steno Giulini


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Euro Piano Magazine

Steno Giulini served as the editor of the International Association magazine "Euro Piano" for well over 60 years.  He was by far the oldest employee of the specialist publishing PPV Medien and became a historian as he said, by simply writing and living.  At the time of his NAMM Oral History interview, Steno was just over 102 years old and still writing.  Back in the March 2011 issue of the magazine there appeared a special wish for his 100th birthday and his Italian translation of a great technical article about repair work on the piano. "I like my work very much. I write by hand and then with the tap of the typewriter.  I've already tried the computer, but the keys are too small for me and I am in no hurry.” Mr. Giulini passed away in August 2014 at the age of 103.