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Future Disc

Steve Hall has become a master at mastering! The art of mastering engineering (the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from the final mix to a data storage device) has developed over the years, especially influenced by the change in technology for which Steve embraced throughout his career. Cutting his teeth in the industry at Cerwin-Vega right out of high school, and checking the quality of power amps, Steve soon had the opportunity to work as second engineer at Whitney Record Studios in Glendale, California. He learned cutting vinyl at Whitney and worked on projects ranging from cartoons to Barry White’s “Love’s Theme.” After a five year stay at MCA (they purchased Whitney Studios) including cutting the master of “My Sharona,” Steve and Gary Rice established Future Disc in 1982. The company had three studios and became a popular recording spot for up-and-coming artists as well as legends such as George Harrison, Jeff Lynn and The Traveling Wilburys. Steve relocated this studio to Oregon where he established himself as the mastering expert of smooth jazz, which kept him busy during the pandemic of 2020.