Steve Vai


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Musician, Guitarist

Steve Vai is a man that could be described as a planet that revolves around a star named Music. His life is ever entwined in an orbit that includes composing, transcription, performance, acting, and philanthropy. He first gravitated into exposure as Frank Zappa’s guitarist. Affectionately coined “my little Italian virtuoso” by Frank himself, Steve’s fantastic fretboard acrobatics propelled him into stints with David Lee Roth and Whitesnake. Steve’s “do it yourself” attitude is the benchmark for his successful solo career and the creation of his own recording label that spotlights many other brilliant performers. Not satisfied with the guitars available at the time for his needs, Steve tasked Ibanez to create a guitar that could bear the rigors of his use. Ibanez made it a signature model available to all musicians and the JEM guitar is one of the longest running signature guitars to this date.