Stuart Gray


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Production Manager

Stuart Gray landed his first job in Live Sound as a roadie when he was a teenager. He was living close to the Apollo Theater in New York and thanks to his Godfather, Benjamin Ashburn, was hired to put dry ice over the floor of the stage for a special effect for the Commodores. This was back in 1971! Before too long, while learning all he could from the crew, Stuart assisted the sound engineer, which he really enjoyed. He became Front of House engineer for groups such as Force MCs and production manager for Rick James. While working with Ashford & Simpson, he was asked to assist with Live AID in 1985. It was Stuart who wheeled out the legendary singer Teddy Pendergrass to a cheering crowd who cheered for the singer who had not made a personal appearance in some time due to health issues. Stuart later stated, “That moment was just as magical for me as anyone in the audience. It gave me a chance to realize that jobs behind the curtain are extremely valuable and can be greatly rewarding.” Stuart worked with just about every Funk band you can name and for eight years worked the Budweiser Super Fest!