Takehiko Akaboshi


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Former Chairman
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Japan Music Volunteer Assoc.

 Takehiko Akaboshi, the legendary Japanese music therapist and founder of the world renowned Japan Music Volunteer Association, began his career as a popular singer who recorded traditional and new folk songs as early as the 1950s.  While singing around the country he began seeing the benefits of music on the ill and in 1972 created “ryouiku ongaku” or therapeutic music programs that have since been proven to reduce stress and pain in mind and body for his many patients.  Mr. Akaboshi was granted the rights from the Japanese government to build a music rehabilitation center in Kodaira in 1977.  He then dedicated himself to the mentally and physically disabled and created musical therapy programs to enhance their lives.  His amazing passion was an inspiration for music therapists around the world and his songs and written materials have been incorporated into countless programs in both public and private institutions.  His NAMM Oral History interview was completed on October 14, 2006