Terry Woodford


Oral History Information

Terry Woodford would often sing along as a child while his grandfather played the Steel Guitar. In addition to his early connection with music, Terry was fascinated by the process of recording music, even as a kid. His grandfather also had a wire recorder and they spent hours recording and then listening to themselves. While in college he met David Hood and the two formed a band together about the time Rick Hall opened FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals. Terry began writing songs, which Rick would record as demos in the hopes of having artists hear and record the songs themselves. Among his early hits was “Where’s My Little Girl.” Terry was later hired to run the publishing at Muscle Shoals Sound. While at that studio he also produced several albums for the likes of Lloyd Price and Lulu. In 1976 he and Clayton Ives opened Wishbone Studios, which was the first studio in the Muscle Shoals area to have a 24-channel console. Among their early hits at Wishbone were “Falling” by LeBlanc & Carr and “Angel In Your Arms” recorded by Barbara Mandrell, which Terry co-wrote.