Thomas Schreiber


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Instrument Maker/Technician
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Thomas Schreiber Meisterwerkstatt

Thomas Schreiber, grandson of Wenzel Schreiber, today runs his own repair shop and takes care of the woodwind instruments of several music schools in the region of Frankfurt. After an apprenticeship at Buffet Crampon in France starting in 1977, Thomas joined his father’s company ESM in Austria for a few years and then was employed at the Schreiber Company in Nauheim, Germany as operations manager. In this position he filled the role of his father Ernst to modernize and make the production of clarinets, bassoons and oboes more efficient at Schreiber. In this role he worked closely with partner companies of Schreiber, especially Buffet Crampon. His years of apprenticeship in France served him well. He established an oboe production facility in Markneukirchen and later after his years at Schreiber became technical advisor for Buffet Crampon. In this capacity he established production facilities in Asia.