Tom Tuson


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Diversi Musical Products

Tom Tuson was just 12 years old when he was hired by the Wurlitzer company to demonstrate their organs. As a “Wurlitzer Kid” he played at state fairs and supermarkets to gain the attention of would-be customers. Once he stopped playing, the sales team would walk around the crowd that Tom had gathered and see if a sale could be made. It was a wonderful education into the art of selling and just three years later he was given the chance to sell organs himself, and he did! He worked at Grinnell Brothers, which was purchased by Sherman Clay and stayed there for several years. He took a liking to the Hammond Organ and developed great relationships within the jazz and gospel communities. At one point Tom and his wife, Sonja Lynne, operated their own organ company for that same market, Diversi Musical Products. Tom proudly worked with many top performers including Jimmy McGriff and provided the Diversi Organ for the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour on television for over 25 years!