Van Schipper

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Seven Guitars

Van Schipper is a guitar luthier who has enjoyed embracing the roots of his craft. As a student of guitar building, he sought the advice of others with a mind to paying tribute to his great influences such as Leo Fender and Paul A. Bigsby. In his handcrafted artistry, Van has used designs and inlay to provide messages of hope and love in one series of guitars and forgiveness in another. He formed Seven Guitars in the late 1990s in southern California. A few years later Van loaned his collection of hand tools once used by Leo Fender to the displays at the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music. Van proudly lives by his shop's motto, one of a kind guitars, one at a time! In 2022, Van sat down for his second NAMM interview to update us on his career and to discuss his current projects, his passion just as inspiring as ever!