Wil White


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Deceased Date
Job Title
Former Greeter
Company Name
Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Wil White worked for Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center for nearly 30 years!  It all began on October 6, 1987 when he was looking for a job and answered an ad for a cashier.  He was hired by the founder, Mr. Levin, who impressed on Wil his passion for music.  Wil witnessed firsthand the way Chuck and his wife Marge, treated the entire staff, a trade their children continued.  As the store’s greeter, Wil was there at the door to say hello and answer questions as customers and visitors walked in the store.  He was perfect for the job, happy, funny and friendly.  Wil passed away on May 1, 2015.