Yeegn Lougn Hoe

Yeegn Lougn Hoe, known as YL, grew up in a music filled home. His grandfather, Hoe Toh Hui, was born in China and moved to Malaysia in the 1940s and setup a piano store in a small mining town known as Ipoh. His son, Willy Hoe, used to help his father at their family's piano store. As Willy grew up, he began to foresee the potential and future growth of neighboring Singapore, and decided to move there in his early 20s. He started working as a piano technician who was trained by Yamaha in Hamamatsu, Japan. Shortly after, Willy left Yamaha and established his very own music store called "City Music" in 1968, selling pianos and guitars. Business was tough and challenging at the start, but Willy saw the future in technology and how electronics would shape and define the MI industry. City Music continues to embrace digital technology, keeping itself ahead of the times in order to stay competitive and relevant. Today, the company, now run by YL, is a distributor of many types of musical instruments ranging from keyboards to guitars, with a big focus on music technology products, and is actively supporting the music education scene in Singapore and around the region.

Interview Date:
January 24, 2018
Job Title:
Director of Sales
City Music

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