Yutaha Kurihara


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Toyo Case Company

Yutaha Kurihara formed his own case company in Japan, which came into its own in the 1989s when he introduced a line of cases in a variety of colors.  Since that time Yutaha has been very active in the Tokyo Manufacturing Association.  He found his involvement and volunteer work with the associations within the industry were of great benefit to his business.  Wanting to give back, Yutaha helped develop programs to provide training to help grow the industry.  Serving on the board of the association, he helped established the China Music Show, which has strengthened the relationship between the Japanese and Chinese music industry associations, a fact for which he is very proud.  Having a passion for politics as well as music, Yutaha has established many relationships within the government. These relationships have been key to the growth of the Japan Music Fair and its relocation in the Sunshine Building, which was the site of the fair for many years.  His Toyo Case Company has been renamed the Duplex Case Company, which provides products both in and outside of the music industry.